Smart Law Enforcement

Main approaches and initiatives for the work related to the three Systems
Unifying rules, standardizing work, processing cases, controlling important nodes
Improve the quality of case handling and the level of law enforcement
To promote transparency, legality and effective supervision of administrative law enforcement

Smart Law Enforcement


Simple law enforcement:Law enforcement personnel can accept cases through the mobile phone, record daily checks, perform special tasks, fill in law enforcement documents, upload pictures, videos, audio and other attachments, and support identification of identity cards, scanning of business licenses, Smart function such as speech input to improve efficiency of Law Enforcement by simple Operation of Law Enforcement personnel.


Department leaders, can have a comprehensive, real-time grasp of illegal cases investigation processes, timely law enforcement decisions and issue special inspection tasks to address various administrative law enforcement focus issues.


Supervisors can supervise all cases in real time according to the region, warn law enforcement personnel, evaluate files of the filed cases, so as to standardize the law enforcement process and achieve limited supervision.


The personnel of the examination department can draw up the examination plan through the platform, and the analysis and statistics gathered by feedback as the important basis of the final examination, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the examination department, strengthens the supervision, and promotes the public administration of government affairs.


Managers can intuitively view the statistics of the subject of law enforcement and its law enforcement situation, the statistics of law enforcement personnel and their handling of cases, the statistics of daily special inspections, and the statistics of the administrative reconsideration situation, which are counted by big data's analytical method. Monitoring and early warning statistics and other statistical analysis reports promote managers to improve and make effective decisions.


The public can view the platform published law enforcement information publish by the platform and lodge complaints. After the administrative counterpart logs into the system, he may apply for reconsideration, a hearing, a statement of a plea, a detailed examination of a case, etc., to provide relief channels for the masses and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.



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