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Mongolian Digital

Mongolian digitization is one of the most important business of our company. Over the years, our team has devoted itself to the research and development of Mongolian digitization technology achieving remarkable results.

Mongolian character Coding and Display Technology:Following the rules of Mongolian International Standard Coding,a set of Mongolian characters and a multi-platform display technology was developed.

Mongolian Fast Digital Service:Mongolian character display technology,our team has developed a series of digital cloud service technologies,such as transcoding,proofreading,scanning and identification.

Mongolian language system:Mongolian content management system,Mongolian online education cloud platform,Mongolian and Chinese bilingual mail system,Mongolian library management system and our diversified Mongolian language systems have been developed based on Mongolian digital technology.


Smart School

Mongolian and Chinese Bilingual Smart School Platform is a comprehensive survival platform for students ,parents,teachers, and educators to provide open,extensible and sustainable services. The Mongolian and Chinese bilingual smart school platform"is based on a unified platform,with smart teaching as the core, smart management as the support,teachers’ development as the engine,a safe school as a guarantee,a harmonious home and school as the link,and superior development as the guide." Finally ,a " safe,stable,environment-friendly,and energy-saving school ecosystem" will be built to promote the balanced development of students,teachers and schools.

Through the social information platform,the business cooperation platform and the open mobile cloud application,the comprehensive service management platform of “smart management,smart teaching,smart life”has been created to activate and innovate the operations and management models of minority nationality school . Connecting people to people,people to business,people to services.


Smart Building

ORHON Mongolia-Chinese bilingual smart party building follows the relevant rules and regulations and management measures set by the “ Development of the Communist Party of China” guidelines, combined with the actual work of party building at the grass -roots level in ethnic minority areas, and applies the concept of big Data in party building to the Internet ,in order to create a Five-Part Mongolian-Chinese Bilingual party building platform,which integrates Organizational Development, Propaganda, Discipline Inspection and Supervision, United Front, and Political Integration.

One,Mongolian-Chinese Bilingual smart Party Building product: in accordance with the actual needs of party building work in minority areas,the Mongolian and Chinese Bilingual Party Building platform was developed . Two, one-stop solution for party building: a five-part solution for party building that integrates organizational development, discipline inspection and supervision, united front, propaganda and political integration. Three, a strong underlying design: support for Central Organization Department platform integration, supporting a high degree of integration for existing systems. Fourth ,a clear user structure : leaders at all levels, farmers and herdsmen, community residents, party members, cadres, talent and other levels of users have exclusive independent account authority. Fifth,a simple and elegant user interface : it combines PC, app-based, iPad, WeChat and other common end-user habits and patterns, for user interaction to provide a convenient experience.


Smart Law Enforcement

Smart Law Enforcement Platform is a comprehensive platform covering law enforcement, auditing, supervision, performance evaluation and public services. As the main way and measure of the work related to the "Three Systems",  the platform can realize the unification of rules, standardization of work, process of case handling and controllability of important nodes, so as to improve the quality of  handling cases and the level of law enforcement, so as to promote the transparency,legitimacy,standardization and effective supervision of administrative law enforcement.




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