Official Document Conversion

The OA system of each unit is connected to the official document exchange platform through the official document exchange interface for communication, which realizes the automatic exchange of official documents between various units. It can be sent directly to the inbox of each receiving unit on the document exchange platform; The OA system can also automatically receive communications from external units on the official document exchange platform, and directly introduce the received documents for processing when receiving the documents.

Three Levels of Communication Among Autonomous Regions, Cities and Counties

Mongolian electronic document exchange platform is a Mongolian e-government document exchange system, which is composed of autonomous region, League city and flag county. The platform realizes the electronic management of Mongolian documents within the three administrative departments, including the transmission of documents.

Automatic Document Flow

Review, share, distribute, etc., realize the automatic flow of files through the driver of workflow engine.


Here, we show the success cases.



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