Mongolian Content Management System

Mongolian content Management system (OrhonCMS) is developed by Inner Mongolia Ordos ORHON Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. It is based on the English version of WordPress localization secondary development of a pure Mongolian open source blog using PHP, CMS multifunctional platform. Users can set up their own Mongolian websites on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. WordPress can also be used as a Mongolian content management system, (CMS).


(1) simple installation (2) complete backstage function (3) free open source (4) Mongolian interface (5) rich and diverse themes, plug-in (6) Mongolian online input method, editor.


Download Mongolian content management system (OrhonCMS). On the right Download the package to the local, unzipped, double-click to unlock the folder in the readme.html file, you can see the Mongolian content management system introduction, installation, and upgrade methods. After you upload the program file to the server directory, the installation takes only 5 minutes. Server environment requirements: PHP 5.2.4 or later MySQL 5.0 or later Apache mod-rewrite module (optional, used to support "fixed links" and "site network" functionality).


Wordpress makes it easy to create new topics. There are also many free topics on the Internet, which can be directly applied to the Mongolian content management system. Here, we also provide you with a number of Mongolian content management system free topics. Please read the tutorial to create personalization theme independently.


There are many types of free Wordpress plug-ins on the Internet that users can use at will. In the tutorial, we detailed how to connect these plug-ins to the content management system and how to develop such plug-ins. Please read the tutorial for self-development plug-in.


Here, we show you some successful examples of Mongolian web site through Mongolian content management system.


Thank you for your attention and support. If you have any suggestions, please leave a message here or contact us directly below.



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