Mongolian Online Teaching Cloud Platform

Features platform interface, platform with online Mongolian input method, support Mongolian all forms of Mongolian curriculum content, the platform provides including calendar / weekly calendar, forums, messages, comments and other tools, support online Mongolian learning test, evaluation, The need for statistics, analysis, etc.

New Educational Idea, "Flipping Classroom" Instead Of Traditional Teaching

Overthrowing the traditional teaching mode and innovating the educational idea and teaching mode. With the new teaching concept of "flipping over classroom", the time inside and outside the classroom should be readjusted, and the decision of learning should be transferred from teachers to students.

International Standard Coding, Mongolian Document Resources, Unified Management, Secure Resource Platform

First, the platform will follow the unified data standards and data specifications, Mongolian international standard coding storage. The platform supports fast, secure data calls from other Mongolian resource sites or platform systems. Second, the platform can integrate all the archived Mongolian documents and share them on the cloud platform, provide comprehensive learning resources and make it easy for scholars to learn and quickly search through the form of cloud education. Thirdly, according to the experience of many years' information system construction and the successful experience in Mongolian education information platform, we will construct and implement unified management service in order to ensure the convenience and reliability of the whole system. Fourthly, by means of identity authentication technology and information security protection technology, the authorized access management of network resources and information resources is realized, and the platform of sharing secure data resources is constructed.


Here, we show the success cases.



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