Mongolian Online Cloud Input Method


On the basis of Mongolian character display technology, our team has developed a series of digital cloud service technology. There’re traditional Mongolian online input method, online transcoding, online proofreading, scanning recognition, Mongolian search engine, Kirill Mongolian to traditional Mongolian, Kirill proofreading, scanning recognition and other technology cloud services.

Online Transcoding Technology

In view of the situation that there were many kinds of codes in the previous Mongolian characters, a set of techniques for converting multiple codes to international standard codes were developed. First can convert the coding of Mongcorli code, Mingantuo old code, Fang Zheng code, Aoyou tower code, Borudo code, etc.

Online Proofreading System

Online, fast, self-help, friendly proofreading of traditional Mongolian text, Kirill text.

Online Scanning Recognition Technology

Optical recognition of ordinary printed, printed Mongolian content to text content.

Online Input Method

Mongolian online cloud input software supports cross-platform Mongolian online input; online word association realizes intelligent input; eliminates PC client installation process to improve work efficiency; conforms to international standard keyboard layout; Multiple keyboard layouts are available for optional switching.



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