Film and TV Service

Based on the needs of market-oriented film and television production development, our company uses a professional 4k camera and a full set of professional photography lighting equipment and create exclusive video service solutions. In the pre-shooting preparation, there is a professional design creative team to control the details of the whole, meticulous planning, in order to find a good way to present the advertising creative as advertising film; In the post production, according to the request and script, we can edit and produce the material for the purpose of highlighting the advertising characteristics of the enterprise.


In order to be able to stand out in the fierce market competition, we dig carefully: from early planning to execution shooting, from film editing to 3D special effects, from creativity to screen, from text to soundtrack, and planning team, shooting team, The details of the later team work, with their own deep understanding of the development of the industry, constantly improve and improve the quality of each detail.


Orhon is committed to Inner Mongolia advertising, promotional films, feature films, micro-movies, 3D animation, LED advertising and many other business development, market-oriented, customer-centric, technology as the support, constantly strengthen professional technology, To create a new visual image of enterprise development, with the people, our ideas everywhere!


Here, we show the success cases.



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