Online Letters and Visits

Have convenient, efficient, economic many characteristics, as long as the real name letters, whether complaints or suggestions, criticism or reporting, just sit at home and click the mouse can be easily resolved.

Online Letters and Visits

Through the Mongolian and Chinese bilingual petition platform built on the Internet by the department of letters and visits to the party committee and government to reflect the situation, put forward suggestions or requests for complaints. Online petition is a very convenient form of petition, which is not limited by time, space and number of people. Its cost is the lowest and the speed is the fastest, which is an important supplement to the traditional method. It has many characteristics of convenience, efficiency and economy, so long as it is a real name letter, whether it is a complaint or a suggestion, criticism or a report, it can be easily solved by sitting at home and clicking the mouse.


Online complaint request, online proposal collection, online query evaluation.



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