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Introduction to ORHON Smart School System

Mongolian and Chinese Bilingual Intelligence School Platform is a comprehensive service platform for students, parents, teachers and educators to provide open, extensible and sustainable services. The Mongolian and Chinese bilingual wisdom school platform "is based on a unified platform, with wisdom teaching as the core, wisdom management as the support, teachers' development as the engine, safe school as the guarantee, harmonious home and school as the link, and superiority development as the guide". Finally, a "safe, stable, environment-friendly and energy-saving school ecosystem" will be built to promote the balanced development of students, teachers and schools.

Through the school social information communication platform, the business cooperation platform and the open mobile cloud application, creates the "wisdom management, the wisdom teaching, the wisdom life" the comprehensive service management platform, Activate and innovate the operation and management mode of minority school, connect people and people, people and business, people and service.

Mongolian and Chinese Bilingual Basic Open Platform

With the contents of "integrated operation and maintenance management, unified information portal, unified identity authentication, unified management decision making, unified data center" and so on, the detailed design is carried out, which provides the basis for efficient school management, scientific decision making and smart services and meet the needs of developing better school information, smart, scientific survives.

Smart Teaching

The school platform of Mongolian and Chinese bilingual intelligence is designed to meet the needs of daily teaching, learning, evaluation, examination and so on. An smart teaching assistant system based on knowledge points and a high-quality question bank resources has been developed. To provide users with a more simple and easy to use system operation and more comprehensive and improved resource services. In the era of big data, the analysis of educational data is moving towards deep mining. Through the comprehensive scheme of PC and mobile terminal and cloud based services, we can provide each teacher and student with the information environment and service of personalized teaching and individualized learning, so as to meet the learning needs for everyone. This is all so that everyone can learn everywhere,always and can easily improve their results. Smart teaching has the functions of personal preparation, collective preparation, a question bank system, selection and arrangement, examination management, score analysis, cloud classroom, resource bank, formula library, material library, listening to class evaluation and so on.

Smart Management

It covers a series of functions, such as school functional departments, management levels, school safety services, calendars and calendar settings, and so on. It also involves the school financial system, and the canteen management is in line with the daily management of school affairs, forming a safe and efficient online cooperative office platform, effectively improving work efficiency, allowing for the paperless flow of documents between various departments, electronic document management, office business coordination, improving the level of school management, promoting internal information exchange and improving the level of decision-making. The process of developing an smart school personnel, financial and material management,  and work flow is realized.

Smart management includes attendance management, false request management, duty management, moral education management, laboratory management, safety management, dormitory management, team building management, logistics management, staff file management, student comprehensive evaluation, event management, comprehensive management of school affairs and other functions.

Smart School

Smart school is a comprehensive interactive platform for parents, students, teachers and managers. In addition to notifications, results, instant messaging and other basic functions, in also includes freshman registration, mobile office, daily attendance, visitor management and other features.

Smart Mongolian and Chinese Bilingual Test Paper Marking System

Provides smart Mongolian and Chinese bilingual test paper, improves the quality of the test paper, customizes knowledge points;difficulty; teaching requirements;scores and other indicators, and can customize the question bank and test paper type. The marking system can identify, collect and analyze the daily Mongolian and Chinese bilingual homework and examination data.

Smart Access Control System

Students use their "one-card" which allows student data to be uploaded to the school data center server; "Access Control System" and "Video Surveillance System" through the school’s central server to achieve real-time video and card information linkage, supporting the overall development of the school.    

Smart Class

The smart school card is the most direct display of smart school development. Integrated display class information, current curriculum information, class activity information and school notification information and other functions. In the new Internet era, the latest teaching ideas, a digital space is developed to expand the time and space dimensions of a physical school, to enhance the operational efficiency of the traditional school, and to realize the overall informatization of the educational process. These all combine in order to achieve the goal of improving management level and efficiency.

Smart Material Connection

Implements the effective allocation and efficient utilization of school resources, such as the integration and sharing of digital resources, identification, school monitoring, book management, school card, and the integration of all kinds of information systems on school, etc., in order to achieve the school of the "smart" service and management.

Decision Analysis

Based on the unified database platform, in the form of text, charts and others, multi-dimensional, in-depth display of comprehensive school information layer by layer,  providing schools with an efficient, accurate, open and flexible comprehensive school situational display platform, and provides a strong support for decision making for school leaders at all levels.




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